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Priceline- Name your own Price

Hello. I am Katherine. I have recently completed my graduation in computer studies and now teaching at the evening coaching classes. I have great thirst of knowledge. I use to do research regarding my course as well as about current happenings of the world. I have created this blog so that I may be able to share my views regarding different websites. This time I am going to discuss Priceline (www.priceline.com). 

It is a website which provides the buying services to the customersfor airline tickets, rooms of hotel or hiring of cars while staying at their homes. They are working on a slogan of “Name your own price”, which is unique in a sense that on this website the customers chose themselves what price is suitable for them. The procedure of buying from this website id as follows:

If the customers want to buy airline tickets, book hotel rooms or hire a car, they enter a price which is reasonable for them and which they want to pay. If at certain time, the assigned price of the customer matches with the price of the product available on Priceline which has been given by the supplier, then the deal use to go ahead.

Priceline is providing its services in UK as well as in Asia. If one wants to have best deals of price while sitting at one’s desk, Priceline is the best place to be searched upon. 

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